Pentecost Collection


Our entire Pentecost Collection is inspired by the story of Pentecost in Acts, chapter 2.
  • Starting with our “Kindled Spirit” stole, its gorgeous hues and radiant cross on the right shoulder uplift the story of God’s love come down for us in Christ. Our hearts burn for this kind of love, peace, and hope God wants for us. We, therefore, participate in the strengthening of society and the enacting of God's reign, here and now, by serving others and being God's loving hands and feet in the world.
  • Our “Wind and Flame” stole reminds us how, after Christ's resurrection and ascension, the Spirit of God descended upon the disciples in the form of flaming tongues on fire. Upon receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples began speaking in multiple languages so all could understand God’s encouragement and will for our lives.
  • Our stole entitled “Spirit of Life” urges us to go forth as Christians inspired by our commonality and God's love for diversity among peoples. Its vibrant flame is a testament to the fire that burns within all of us when we work for justice and seek peace.
  • Finally, our new “Strong In Spirit” stole tells the story of God’s Spirit lifting us up in holiness. We’re constantly given opportunities to recreate, reimagine, and rebuild stronger communities and healthier lives. God lights our way in this work with stories of justice and embrace that ignite our souls and kindle our hopes.