Easter Collection


The Easter season is such a wonderful time of year! Spring is finally in full bloom and the story of God’s love is revealed in the glorious resurrection of Jesus. For us, resurrection means victory over death and darkness. It means new life after having journeyed through wilderness and winter. As God would have it, the Easter season unearths our ability to arise, reinvigorate, and restart our lives whenever we call on God’s name.   

The stoles in our Easter collection are meant to draw on the imagery of spring, resurrection, and the love of God made known to us in Christ.  

  • For our "New Life in Christ" clergy and deacon stoles, we chose fabrics with subtle metallic flowers that shimmer in the light. Embroidered on each is a cross with an ascending dove. These stoles are perfect for celebrating Easter morning, a wedding ceremony, or any occasion you're in need of a stole that has a simple but elegant look. 
  • The fabric used for our “Easter Lilies” clergy and deacon stoles is a vibrant, multicolored print that invokes tons of energy and lots of joy! We like to incorporate lilies into our stoles because of the elegance, beauty, spirituality, hope, and life they represent in God’s church.  
  • Our "Resurrection" stole features an array of colorful butterflies. These butterflies symbolize hope and new life. They represent Christ in our midst whenever we gather to celebrate life or pay homage to a life event marking our loving, covenantal relationship with God. 
  • Our "Light and Salvation" stole was inspired by Psalm 27:1, which states, "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"  Fear overwhelms us, our world, and the people who attend our churches. In turn, the stained glass seen on this stole and in many of our churches is meant to inspire awe and calm.  We need not fear when we have hope in Christ's story. 
  • New this year, our "Song of Spring" stole invokes images from the 55th chapter of Isaiah.  It features purple mountains, forests, and fields.  All clap for joy, with music and song, at the promise of God's everlasting covenant made known to us through Christ's sacrificial love and resurrection.   
  • Finally, our “He Is Risen” stole features all the images needed for sharing the story of Christ's resurrection. The path, which carries over from our Lenten "Through the Wilderness" stole, gives testimony to Christ's empty tomb being our sure destination as we journey daily to the cross of Christ. 

These stoles will surely help you share the story of Easter throughout the season and beyond!