Ordinary Time Collection

The season after Pentecost is so much more than Ordinary. This is the time of year we look deeply into passages in Scripture that highlight the life of Christ, his ministry, and his connection to God's creation throughout history. There are several beautiful designs in our Ordinary Time collection this year. Here are some descriptions of a few:    

  • For our "New Life in Christ" stoles, we chose fun, vibrant fabrics this year.  Embroidered on each is a cross with an ascending dove.  You can choose either a rainbow fabric for the cross or one that corresponds with the more traditional colors of the season: green, purple, and gold. These stoles are perfect for celebrating any occasion throughout the season after Pentecost, especially if you're in need of a stole that has a simple but elegant look.
  • Our "Bread of Life" and "Bountiful Blessings" stoles feature simple images packed with meaning. They remind us of God's love made known in the bread, wine, and healing we receive around Christ's table. The dove reminds us of God's Spirit ever-present with us as we worship in community. As we partake in the Sacraments, we acknowledge Christ's body, blood, and Spirit conjoining with ours, sustaining us for ministry in the world and in service toward one another.
  • Our "Loaves and Fishes" design invokes the six different times we read of Jesus feeding thousands of people in our Gospels with only a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. These stories teach us that God's love for us fulfills our every need.  We're also taught there is always enough of God's grace to go around without one bit of it running out!
  • Our "Hands and Hearts" stole is new to our Ordinary Time collection this year.  It features six vibrantly colored, rainbow handprints that remind us of the playfulness and energy of children.  The featured verse from Mark 9:37 reads: "Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me."  May we all feel the welcome of God into Christ's adopted family whenever we need a little extra love and validation.
  • Finally, our "Trinity" stole uplifts God's preference for diversity and relationship. God's 3-in-1 nature (God, Son, and Holy Spirit) is in relationship with itself. God's 3-in-1 nature is in relationship with us. The Trinity reminds us that relationships require intention. They also require the holding of tension because, thanks to diversity, we can often disagree. We pray the God of creation enriches us with a spirit that favors diversity in light of difference. May we express the same kind of all-encompassing, galactic love for others that God has shown us in Christ!