About Us


Rev. Stacey Siebrasse, Lutheran Pastor
Brooke James, Graphic Designer & Busy Mom of 3 Boys

Brooke and Stacey grew up in a creative household. Their mother, a talented seamstress and quilter, taught them sewing and the art of imaginative design from a young age. Their father, accustomed to dabbling in all sorts of artistic hobbies, reinforced their sense of wonder and experimentation. So when sitting around a campfire one evening, talking about their interests in relation to their love for all things art, they decided to embark as sister-partners on a creative adventure.  

“I’ve been thinking about making my own stoles,” said Stacey, “handmade stoles that help me share actual stories from Scripture.” “I love that idea!  Come up with the concepts" said Brooke, "and I’ll design the rest!”  With that, Story Stoles took shape.

Since then, Brooke and Stacey have been working diligently, (all the while juggling the demands and needs of three busy boys) to design and create stoles that correspond with the liturgical church calendar and also their favorite stories from the Bible. Be on the lookout for their various collections in the months to come!