Marriage Collection


Marriage is such an important ceremony in God’s church. It uplifts a couple’s public commitments to each other in the presence of God and those who agree to support them in their new life together, their friends and family. The Holy Spirit blesses and binds the souls of God’s beloved. The couple vows to share their hopes, their fears, and their dreams with one another. It’s a joyous occasion for all who oversee this upmost expression of a couple’s love and devotion.   

  • Our marriage stoles were designed to add even more joy to an already special day. Our “God Is Love” stole is simple but will surely add a pop of color to any ceremony. It’s multicolored, interconnected rings are being brought together by the Holy Spirit. The silver front and colorful fabric on the back signify the beauty God brings into any union being blessed by God and community. 
  • Our “United In Love” stole was designed to add a bit more sparkle to any wedding. It’s glittery, interconnected rings and dove remind us that God’s love shines in and throughout the love we, in turn, share with one another. It’s golden tones will provide a beautiful backdrop as the couple stands in front of God and their loved ones as they recite their vows.
  • Finally, our “Bind Us Together” stole features two of God’s beloved clothed in white being bound by the Holy Spirit. Below the hands of God’s community extend their love upward in support of the couple’s commitments they’re about to make. This stole shares the story and meaning of marriage in a very visual way. We hope it will allow pastors and priests to relay what’s at the heart of any union being blessed in God’s name. 
Prayers to all who continue to share the story of God’s love through marriage. It’s a story of unconditional love that stands the test of time!