"Wilderness Testimonies" Clergy Stole

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Back Collar Verse: 
Luke 8:39 “Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you. So he went away, proclaiming throughout the city how much Jesus had done for him."
Designed by:
Mary Wiggins• Scranton, North Dakota

Mary’s design was inspired by water, landscapes, and Jesus interfacing with a variety of women throughout Scripture. She loves how the woman at the well like in Luke 8:39 “told everyone what God had done for her.” The jar reminds Mary of Hagar in the desert or Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. It also represents God’s faithful people leaving water for migrants on the border as they traverse wilderness in search of new life. The hills are inspired by Psalm 121 “from where does my help come from” and Mary’s love for the many wilderness places she’s called home. Lastly, the cross reminds her of Christ’s living water being poured out for us all.



50% of this sale will go to benefit Young Clergy Women International. YCWI is a supportive network of over 1600 current and upcoming clergy women from around the world! Visit their webpage for more information: www.youngclergywomen.org 


Available in 3 lengths to accommodate your height level:

• Short: Recommended for 5' and under.  (42"-43" in length from shoulder) 

• Regular: Recommended for 5' to 6' tall.  (46"-47" in length from shoulder) 

• Long: Recommended for 6' and over.  (51"-52" in length from shoulder)

Please Note: Long length in this design can be shortened to a Regular length. Regular length in this design can be shortened to a Short length. If your desired length is sold out, please purchase a longer length and contact us (via email or messenger) to have it shortened before shipping. 

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